Squnches Craft Network is a leading online marketplace for handmade businesses, markets and shops where people come together to make, sell and buy from local small businesses.

Quick, Easy & Cost Effective

.Squnches Craft Network is the most cost effective all-in-one website for handmade, offering more than any other website out there. You can have your own online store for less than the cost of setting up your own website. And its very quick and easy.

Established Audience

If you were to start a website today, it would take several months, maybe even years for it to start showing up on the first page of major search engines. Squnches Craft Network allows you to set up a shop and have the potential for shoppers to see it immediately.

Good Testing Ground

Squnches Craft Network is a great place to start your business and test the market before investing more time and money in your own website. There’s so much to learn and do when it comes to starting a handmade business. We take building and maintaining a website off that list.